Boarding house

Recently we also offer guest house parking in our brand new accommodation!

"It is really nice and educational to work intensively with your horse a few days in a row. I was really surprised how quickly there was improvement on certain points that we had a long time struggling with. With Céline's instructions I immediately had a horse that was much looser, finer and sharper to ride, even after the internship. This was really the boost that we needed to start training more fanatically!"
Astrid De Smet

For those looking for a horse-friendly pension stable, we have come to the right place!

Light, social contact and a lot of pasture are central to us!

Unique is that one stable corridor is fully equipped with paddocks on the stalls! These horses can always go inside and outside. The paddock on the stalls measure 3.5m by 6m and are equipped with ultra safe fencing!

We have 17 boxes of 3.5 by 4 m. All boxes are provided with an inside and outside hatch, and ventilation holes in the stable walls. The partitions are with bars so that the horse can always maintain social contact with its neighbors.

The horses receive different feedings per day, with sufficient roughage as a basis.

We think pasture is very important ourselves! We do everything we can to get the horses "outside" as much as possible. In the winter that is possible on paddocks, in the summer we have enough meadows available with ultra safe fencing!




There are 2 runs available:


Inner slope 20x40 with geopad bottom

Outdoor slope 20x60 with geopad bottom (coming soon!)


These are available to customers at all times!

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